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Browsing Clips At
Search results appear showing thumbnails of available images.
Select a found image.
Click Insert.
Browsing Clips At Ofi
When you search for clip art while connected to the Internet, as you learned to do in the
preceding section, the Offi clip art automatically appears. However, you can also
visit the Offi website to browse the clip art directly. There are some advantages to
browsing clip art this way. For example, you can narrow down your search to only certain
media types (such as only line-art illustrations or only photos), and you can fi lter the
search results by image size.
To browse the Offi clip art on the Web, open a web browser window, navigate to an d click the Images link. From there, type a key-
word in the Search All Images box at the top of the page and press Enter to initiate a
search. See Figure 11.4. This page is constantly changing, so it may look different when
you visit it.
In the search results window, a bar appears along the left side with fi lters for media types
and image size. To limit the results to a certain category, click one of these fi lters. For
example, in Figure 11.5, the list has been fi ltered to show only illustrations.
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