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Visit the Ofi clip art web page for more information and more clip art.
What’s the difference between an illustration and a photo? An illustration is a line art drawing, which some would
call “true clip art.” It is a drawing, rather than a photo. Clip-art images are vector graphics, which means they are
created with mathematical formulas that draw each line and i ll each shape with color. Vector graphics take up less
disk space than photos, and they look good at any size. In contrast, photos are raster graphics; they are composed of
a grid of tiny colored dots. See “Understanding Raster Graphics” later in this chapter for more details.
Another advantage of using the web interface for clip art is that you can copy the clip art
to your hard disk for later use.
In the list of clips that the site fi nds, point to a clip that you want. A pop-up for it appears,
as shown in Figure 11.6.
The i rst time you attempt to select one of the options from a clip’s pop-up, you may be prompted to download the
Ofi ActiveX control. You must do so in order to access clip art via the Ofi website. If a User Account
Control window appears asking if you want the program to make changes to this computer, click Yes. You may need to
restart your computer and come back to the Ofi web page after the restart.
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