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Modifying Clip Art
insertion point or select the placeholder, and press Ctrl+V or choose Home
Download. Downloads the clip-art image’s fi le to your hard drive so you can use
it later when you don’t have an Internet connection. An information bar appears
at the bottom of the browser window asking whether you want to save or open
the fi le. See Figure 11.7. Click Save, and the fi le is saved to the Downloads folder
for your user account ( C:\Users\ username \Downloads ). You can then insert
it in PowerPoint using the procedure outlined in “Inserting Photos” later in this
chapter. If you instead choose Open, the fi le is opened in Paint (or your default
editor for the fi le type), where you can modify it if you like before inserting it into
PowerPoint. However, the next section of this chapter covers modifying clip art
from within PowerPoint, so you may want to investigate that method instead if you
want to make some changes to the clip.
Respond to the information bar message by choosing to open or save the i le.
Modifying Clip Art
Most of the modifi cations that you will learn about later in this chapter apply to both pho-
tographs and clip art. For example, you can increase or decrease brightness and contrast,
apply color washes, crop, rotate, and so on. However, there are also some special modifi ca-
tions that apply only to clip art and other vector images. They are covered in the following
Recoloring a Clip
One of the top complaints about clip art is that the colors are wrong. For example, you
may have the perfect drawing, but its colors clash with your presentation design. You can
recolor individual parts of a clip by changing it to a Microsoft drawing object and then
selecting and coloring individual lines or shapes. For more information, see the section
“Deconstructing and Editing a Clip” later in this chapter.
On a more basic level, PowerPoint 2013 provides a Recolor option that enables you to apply
a single-color wash to an image based on any of the theme’s colors or any fi xed color. To
apply a color wash to a clip, follow these steps:
1. Insert the clip on a slide in PowerPoint, and then select the clip. The Picture
Tools Format tab becomes available.
2. On the Picture Tools Format tab, click Color to open the menu shown in
Figure 11.8.
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