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Setting a Transparent Color
Select a color wash to apply to the clip.
3. Click the color wash that you want to apply, or click More Variations to choose
another color.
More Variations opens a palette from which you can select light and dark tints of the theme colors or standard (i xed)
colors. You can also choose More Colors to open a Color dialog box for more i xed colors.
Setting a Transparent Color
Some clips enable you to redefi ne one of the colors as see-through so that anything behind
it shows through. This doesn’t work on all clips because most clips already have a color
defi ned as transparent: the background. This is why a clip-art image appears to fl oat
directly on a colored background rather than being locked into a rectangle. However, for
clips that do not have a transparent color already defi ned, you can defi ne one.
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