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Deconstructing and Editing a Clip
Setting a transparent color works best on clip art; in a photograph, an area that looks at i rst glance like a single
color is often actually dozens of different shades of the same overall tint, and setting the transparent color sets only
one of those many shades to be transparent.
To set a transparent color, open the Color menu, as in the preceding section (Figure 11.8).
Then choose Set Transparent Color, and click a color in the image.
Deconstructing and Editing a Clip
Have you ever wished that you could open a clip-art image in an image-editing program
and make some small change to it? Well, you can. And what’s more, you can do it without
leaving PowerPoint.
Because clip art is composed of vector-graphic lines and fi lls, you can literally take it apart
piece by piece. Not only can you apply certain colors (as in the preceding section), but you
can also choose individual lines and shapes from it to recolor, move, and otherwise modify.
Not all items that you fi nd during a clip art search are vector graphic images that can be
deconstructed and edited. Photos cannot be, for example.To deconstruct a piece of clip art,
follow these steps:
1. After placing the clip on a slide, right-click the clip and choose Edit Picture. A
message appears telling you that it is an imported picture and asking whether you
want to convert it to a Microsoft Offi ce drawing object.
Converting a clip resets previous color adjustments you may have made.
2. Click Yes. Each individual shape and line in the clip is now a separate object that
you can select individually.
To recolor an individual line or shape, follow these steps:
1. Select the line or shape to be modified within the image. Selection handles
appear around it.
2. Click Drawing Tools Format
Shape Styles
Shape Fill and select a fill color.
See Figure 11.9.
3. Click Drawing Tools Format
Shape Styles
Shape Outline and select an out-
line color.
To move the pieces of the clip around, just drag the selected piece where you want it. If a
particular piece doesn’t move separately from the rest, right-click the image and choose
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