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Understanding Raster Graphics
Ungroup to break up the image into individual shapes, and then the shape you
want to move will be individually movable.
Change the i ll color of an individual shape within the clip.
Select a shape within
the clip to recolor it.
Understanding Raster Graphics
As I explained in Chapter 9 and also earlier in this chapter, there are two kinds of graphics
in the computer world: vector and raster . Vector graphics (clip art, drawn lines and shapes,
and so on) are created with mathematical formulas. Some of the advantages of vector
graphics are their small fi le size and the fact that they can be resized without losing any
quality. The main disadvantage of a vector graphic is that it doesn’t look “real.” Even when
an expert artist draws a vector graphic, you can still tell that it’s a drawing, not a photo-
graph. For example, perhaps you’ve seen the game The Sims . Those characters and objects
are 3-D vector graphics. They look pretty good but there’s no way you would mistake them
for real people and objects.
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