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Resolution on Digital Camera Photos
FIGURE 11.12
When the image is used at a normal size, there is virtually no difference between a high-dpi
and low-dpi scan.
75 dpi
150 dpi
Scanners and Color Depth
If you are shopping for a scanner, you will probably notice that they’re advertised with higher numbers
of bits than the graphics formats support. This is for error correction. If there are extra bits, it can throw
out the bad bits to account for “noise” and still end up with a full set of good bits. Error correction in a
scan is a rather complicated process, but for tunately your scanner driver sof tware takes care of it for you.
Resolution on Digital Camera Photos
Top-quality digital cameras today take very high-resolution pictures, much higher than you
will need for an on-screen PowerPoint presentation. At a typical size and magnifi cation, a
high-resolution graphic fi le is overkill; it wastes disk space needlessly. Therefore, you may
want to adjust the camera’s image size so that it takes lower-resolution pictures for your
PowerPoint show.
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