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Inserting Photos
something like the clip-art search you learned about earlier in this chapter, but the search
results are not confi ned to just Microsoft’s own servers, and only photos (raster-based
images) are shown.
To search for a photo with Bing and place it in your presentation, follow these steps:
1. Display the slide on which you want to place the image.
2. Click the Online Pictures icon in the content placeholder, or choose Insert
Online Pictures. The Insert Pictures dialog box opens. It’s the same dia-
log box as in Figure 11.2 earlier in the chapter.
3. Click in the Search Bing text box and type the keyword to search for. Then
press Enter to perform the search. Search results appear in that same dialog box, as
shown in Figure 11.13.
FIGURE 11.13
Search results appear showing thumbnails of available images.
By default, the Bing image search results contain only images that are licensed under Creative Commons. That
means that you can use the images in your work without having to pay a fee or royalty to the owner. When the search
results appear, a message explains that the search results are i ltered as such. If you want to see all images, even
the ones that you aren’t necessarily entitled to legally use. Click the Show All Web Results button in the message bar
to rerun the search with that i lter off.
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