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Inserting Pictures from Files
4. Click the image you want to insert, and click the Insert button. The image is
downloaded to your PC and inserted on the slide. From here you can work with it
just as if it was any other photo.
Inserting Pictures from Files
If you already have the picture(s) you want to use, you can insert them from your own
computer’s drive using the Pictures button on the Insert tab. Assuming you have already
acquired the images you need, use the following steps to insert one into PowerPoint:
1. Display the slide on which you want to place the image.
2. If the slide has a content placeholder for pictures, as in Figure 11.14, click it.
Otherwise, choose Insert
Pictures. The Insert Picture dialog box opens.
The default location shown is the Pictures library on your local hard disk.
FIGURE 11.14
You can insert a picture by using the Pictures content placeholder icon.
Pictures icon
3. Select the picture to import. See Figure 11.15. You can switch the view by using
the View (or Views) button in the dialog box to see thumbnails or details if either is
effective in helping you determine which fi le is which.
FIGURE 11.15
Select the picture to be inserted.
Click here to change
the view if needed.
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