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Sizing and Cropping Photos
If the window you want does not appear on the thumbnails list, or if you want different
cropping, use the Screen Clipping command instead. Follow these steps:
1. Display the window that you want to capture.
2. Using the taskbar, switch to PowerPoint.
3. Choose Insert
Screen Clipping. The PowerPoint window is mini-
mized, and the window immediately beneath it appears, with a whitewash overlay
on it.
4. Click and drag to define the rectangular area you want to crop. When you
release the mouse button, the defi ned area appears in PowerPoint as a new image.
If you need better cropping than you can get with the Screenshot command, use the cropping techniques in the fol-
lowing section to i ne-tune the crop after insertion into PowerPoint. If you need more robust screen capture capabili-
ties, consider an application that is specii cally designed for screen captures such as SnagIt ( ).
Sizing and Cropping Photos
After placing a picture on a slide, you will probably need to adjust its size, and/or crop
it, to make it fi t in the allotted space the way you want it. The following sections explain
these techniques.
Sizing a Photo
Sizing a photo is just like sizing any other object. Drag its selection handles. Drag a corner
to maintain the aspect ratio, or drag a side to distort it. (Distorting a photo is seldom a
good idea, though, unless you’re after some weird funhouse effect.)
You can also specify an exact size for a photo the same as for drawn objects. Right-click the
photo and choose Size and Position to set a size in the Format Picture task pane (see
Figure 11.17). Alternatively, you can display the Picture Tools Format tab and then use the
Height and Width boxes in the Size group, also shown in Figure 11.17.
The most straightforward way to specify the size is in inches in the Height and Width
boxes, either in the dialog box or on the tab. These measurements correspond to the mark-
ers on the on-screen ruler in Normal view. The size of a slide varies depending on how you
have it set up (by using the Page Setup tab), but an average slide size is 10 inches wide by
7.5 inches tall. You can also size the photo using the Scale controls in the Size and Position
dialog box, in which you adjust the size based on a percentage of the original size.
Note that the scale is based on the original size, not the current size. So, for example, if you
set Height and Width to 50%, close the dialog box, and then reopen it and set them each to
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