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Cropping a Photo
75%, the net result will be 75% of the original, not 75% of the 50%. However, you can over-
ride this by deselecting the Relative to Original Picture Size check box (see Figure 11.17).
FIGURE 11.17
Size a photo via either the dialog box or the Format tab.
Size group
Size controls
in taskbar
If you are setting up a presentation for the primary purpose of showing full-screen graphics,
you can use the Best Scale for Slide Show check box (see Figure 11.17). This enables you to
choose a screen resolution, such as 640
600, and size the pictures so that they
will show to the best advantage in that resolution. Choose the resolution that corresponds to
the display setting on the PC on which you will show the presentation. To determine what the
resolution is on the PC, right-click the Windows Desktop and choose Screen Resolution.
480 or 800
When possible, develop your presentation at the same Windows screen resolution as the PC on which you present the
show. Many digital projectors display at 1024
Cropping a Photo
Cropping is for those times you want only a part of the image. For example, you might have a
great photo of a person or animal, but there is extraneous detail around it, as shown in Figure
11.18. You can crop away all but the important object in the image with a cropping tool.
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