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Cropping a Photo
FIGURE 11.18
This picture can benei t from cropping.
Crop button
Crop handles appear
in corners and on
sides of image.
Here’s something important to know: Cropping and sizing a picture in PowerPoint does not reduce the overall size of
the PowerPoint presentation i le. When you insert a picture, PowerPoint stores the whole thing at its original size and
continues to store it that way regardless of any manipulations you perform on it within PowerPoint. That’s why it’s
recommended throughout this chapter that you do any editing of the photo in a third-party image-editing program
before you import it into PowerPoint.
However, there’s a workaround. If you use the Compress Pictures option (covered later in this chapter), it discards
any cropped portions of the images. That means the i le size decreases with the cropping and that you can’t reverse
the cropping later.
You can crop two sides at once by cropping at the corner of the image, or you can crop each
side individually by cropping at the sides. To crop an image, do the following:
1. Select the image so the Picture Tools Format tab becomes available.
2. Click Picture Tools Format
Size. Your mouse pointer changes to a cropping tool
(see Figure 11.18).
3. Position the pointer over one of the selection handles on the image frame, and
drag toward the center until the image is cropped the way you want.
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