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Cropping a Photo
4. Repeat step 3 for each side. Then click the Crop button again, or press Esc, to turn
cropping off.
5. Resize the cropped image if needed.
Figure 11.19 shows the result of cropping and resizing the image from Figure 11.18.
FIGURE 11.19
The picture has been improved by cropping and resizing it.
To undo a crop, reenter cropping mode by clicking the Crop button again, and then drag the
side(s) back outward again. Or you can simply reset the photo, as described in the following
You can also crop to a shape or crop to a particular aspect ratio (that is, ratio of height to
Cropping to a shape crops the picture so that it fi ts inside one of the drawing shapes that
PowerPoint provides, such as a star, triangle, or arrow.
To crop to a shape, follow these steps:
1. Select the picture.
2. On the Picture Tools Format tab, click the down arrow under the Crop button,
and point to Crop to Shape. A palette of shapes appears, as shown in Figure 11.20.
3. Click the shape to which you want the picture cropped.
After cropping to a shape, you’ll notice the central part of the image might not be exactly
centered within the shape. To adjust the centering of the picture within the crop area,
right-click the picture and choose Format Picture to open the Format Picture task pane.
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