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Cropping a Photo
Click the Picture icon (rightmost icon), and then adjust the values in the Crop section, as
shown in Figure 11.21.
FIGURE 11.20
You can crop a picture to a shape.
You can also crop to an aspect ratio. PowerPoint offers several preset ratios to choose from
that correspond to common picture sizes, such as 2:3, 3:4, and 3:5. Here’s how to apply an
aspect ratio crop:
1. Select the picture.
2. On the Picture Tools Format tab, click the down arrow under the Crop button,
and point to Aspect Ratio. A list of ratios appears.
3. Click the ratio you want to use. Crop marks appear on the image, and the portion
of the image that will be excluded appears in gray.
4. Drag the crop markers to adjust the crop as desired, and then click the Crop
button or press Esc on your keyboard to finalize the cropping operation.
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