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Recoloring a Picture
of objects by looking for areas where the color changes dramatically from one spot to the
adjacent one.
The easiest way to access those controls is through the Corrections button on the Picture
Tools Format tab. Click the button and then click one of the preset thumbnails, as shown in
Figure 11.22. Brightness and contrast are two separately adjustable settings, but the presets
on the menu shown in Figure 11.22 combine them. In the Brightness/Contrast section, the
sample in the upper-left corner decreases both, and the sample in the lower right increases
both. In between, the samples combine settings in various ways. Point at a sample to see a
pop-up ScreenTip listing its specifi cs.
FIGURE 11.22
Choose sharpen/soften, brightness, and contrast presets.
Center value in each
section represents the
default (unaltered) image.
To choose a value other than the ones listed, click Picture Corrections Options to open the
Format Picture task pane to the Picture Corrections controls. From here you can choose
presets, or you can drag sliders or enter exact percentages for each setting individually. See
Figure 11.23.
Recoloring a Picture
Several color options are available from the Color button’s drop-down list on the Picture
Tools Format tab. You can apply color washes to the image, make it black and white or
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