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Recoloring a Picture
grayscale, make it look washed out, and more. You can point at a sample to see a preview of
it on the selected image.
FIGURE 11.23
Drag sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpen or soften settings individually.
The Color menu has three sections (see Figure 11.24):
Color Saturation. This refers to the vibrancy of the colors. At the low end is gray-
scale — no colors at all, or 0% saturation. The center point is 100% saturation,
the default. At the high end is a very vividly colored version of the image at 400%
Color Tone. The presets in this section enable you to adjust the “temperature” of
the image, from very cool (increased blue and green) to very warm (increased red
and yellow). Color tones are measured numerically; the higher the number, the
warmer the tone. 4700 Kelvin (K) is very cool; 11200 K is very warm.
Color temperature is measured by something called the Kruithof curve. It is named after Dutch physicist Arie Andries
Kruithof, and it describes and assigns numeric values to colors like blue and green as cooler than colors like red and
yellow. The temperatures are expressed on the Kelvin temperature scale (K).
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