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Recoloring a Picture
Recolor. These presets enable you to radically adjust the colors of the image by
choosing a grayscale, sepia, black-and-white, washout, or other preset or by apply-
ing a colored wash over the picture. Here’s where you’ll fi nd the equivalent settings
to the Recolor presets from earlier versions of PowerPoint, but also many more
options. For more colors to choose from, point to More Variations and choose from
the fl y-out palette of colors. The last two rows of colors (darks and lights) are based
on the theme colors.
FIGURE 11.24
Choose color presets to apply to the image.
You can also choose Picture Color Options from the menu in Figure 11.24 to open the Format
Picture task pane and display the Picture Color settings. Here you’ll fi nd buttons that open
menus with the same presets as on the menu and also sliders for fi ne-tuning the Saturation
and Temperature.
In most areas of PowerPoint, the task pane method provides more l exibility than the menu method. One exception
is when recoloring an image. On the Color button’s menu you have more presets to choose from as well as a More
Variations command that provides access to even more colors. In contrast, in the Format Picture task pane, fewer
presets are available, and there is no way to choose an alternative color from a palette from there.
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