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Applying Picture Styles and Effects
To apply artistic effects, select the picture and then choose Picture Tools Format
Effects and choose from the menu that appears, as shown in Figure 11.26. Each effect is
mutually exclusive with the others; when you select a different effect, the previously
applied effect is removed.
FIGURE 11.26
Apply artistic effects from the Format tab.
Pencil sketch effect
has been applied.
For more control over the artistic effects, choose Artistic Effects Options. This opens the
Format Picture task pane with the Artistic Effects settings displayed. From here, after
selecting one of the effects, you can make fi ne adjustments with the sliders and other con-
trols that appear. There are different controls for different effects; Figure 11.26 shows the
ones for the Pencil Sketch effect.
Applying Picture Styles and Effects
You can format pictures using the same effects you learned for drawn objects in Chapter 9.
Click the Picture Effects button on the Format tab, and then choose one of the categories
there, such as Shadow, Refl ection, Glow, or Bevel. Refer to Chapter 9 for the details of each
effect type.
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