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Compressing Images
You can also choose a preset Picture Style from the Picture Styles group on the Picture
Tools Format tab. Click one of the samples displayed in that group, or open the gallery of
picture styles for even more choices. See Figure 11.27.
FIGURE 11.27
Choose a picture style as a shortcut to applying combinations of effects.
Click here to see
more picture styles.
Click a picture
style preset.
Compressing Images
Having an image that is too large (that is, too high a dpi) is not a problem quality wise. You
can resize it in PowerPoint to make it as small as you like; just drag its selection handles.
There will be no loss of quality as it gets smaller.
However, as mentioned earlier in the chapter, inserting a picture fi le that is much larger than
necessary can increase the overall size of the PowerPoint fi le, which can become problematic
if you plan to distribute the presentation in a form where space or bandwidth is an issue.
To avoid problems with overly large graphic fi les, you can compress the images to reduce
their resolution and remove any cropped portions. You can do this from within PowerPoint
or with a third-party utility.
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