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Reducing Resolution and Compressing Images in PowerPoint
Reducing Resolution and Compressing Images in PowerPoint
PowerPoint offers an image compression utility that compresses all of the pictures in the
presentation in a single step and reduces their resolution to the amount needed for the
type of output you specify (e-mail, Screen, or Print).
Picture resolution is measured in PowerPoint in pixels per inch, or ppi. This roughly trans-
lates to dots per inch (dpi) on a printout. A computer screen shows 96 pixels per inch, so
you do not need higher resolution than that if you are only showing your presentation on-
screen. However, if you are distributing the presentation in other forms, a higher resolu-
tion might be appropriate.
To reduce resolution and compress images, do the following:
1. Click a picture so that the Picture Tools Format tab appears.
2. Choose Picture Tools Format
Compress Pictures. The Compress
Pictures dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 11.28.
FIGURE 11.28
Click OK to compress with the default settings.
Compress Pictures
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