Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 1: A First Look at PowerPoint
A First Look at PowerPoint
Who uses PowerPoint and why?
What’s new in PowerPoint 2013?
Learning your way around PowerPoint
Changing the view
Zooming in and out
Displaying and hiding screen elements
Working with window controls
Using the help system and getting updates
PowerPoint 2013 is a member of the Microsoft Offi ce 2013 suite of programs. A suite is a group
of programs designed by a single manufacturer to work well together. Like its siblings — Word
(the word processor), Excel (the spreadsheet), Outlook (the personal organizer and e-mail
manager), and Access (the database) — PowerPoint has a well-defi ned role. It creates materials for
A presentation is any kind of interaction between a speaker and audience, but it usually involves
one or more of the following: computer-displayed slides, noncomputerized visual aids (such as
transparencies or 35mm slides), hard-copy handouts, and/or speaker’s notes. PowerPoint can create
all of these types of visual aids, plus many other types that you’ll learn about as you go along.
Because PowerPoint is so tightly integrated with the other Microsoft Offi ce 2013 components, you
can easily share information among them. For example, if you have created a graph in Excel, you
can use it on a PowerPoint slide. It goes the other way too. You can, for example, take the outline
from your PowerPoint presentation and copy it into Word, where you can dress it up with Word’s
powerful document formatting commands. Virtually any piece of data in any Offi ce program can be
linked to any other Offi ce program, so you never have to worry about your data being in the wrong
format. PowerPoint also accepts data from almost any other Windows-based application and can
import a variety of graphics, audio, and video formats.
In this chapter you’ll get a big-picture introduction to PowerPoint 2013, and then we’ll fi re up the
program and poke around a bit to help you get familiar with the interface. You’ll fi nd out how to
use the tabs and panes and how to get help and updates from Microsoft.
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