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Creating a New Photo Album
Creating a New Photo Album
When you create a new photo album, it starts a new presentation for you. Any other pre-
sentations that you may have open are not disturbed, and you can switch back to them at
any time with the View tab. The new presentation has a title slide as well as slides for the
photos you place in the album.
To start a new photo album, follow these steps:
1. On the Insert tab, click Photo Album. (Click the main face of the button, not the
arrow.) The Photo Album dialog box opens.
2. To add a photo from a file, click the File/Disk button. The Insert New Pictures
dialog box opens.
3. Select one or more pictures, and then click Insert. (To select multiple pictures,
hold down Ctrl or Shift as you click on the ones you want.) The photos appear in
the Photo Album dialog box as shown in Figure 11.30.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed to insert all the photos from disk that you
5. For each image on the Pictures in Album list, select the picture and then apply
any correction needed with the buttons beneath the Preview pane. You can
rotate right or left, increase or decrease the contrast, and increase or decrease the
6. Use the arrows to move an image up or down in the order.
7. In the Album Layout section, open the Picture Layout box and choose the lay-
out for the presentation slides. For example, in Figure 11.30, Fit to Slide has been
8. If available, choose a frame shape from the Frame Shape list. Some choices from
step 7 do not permit a frame shape to be chosen.
You can create themes specii cally for photo albums and then use them here by clicking the Browse button to browse
for a theme. You might also want to experiment with the photo album themes in the dialog box when you create the
photo album initially.
9. (Optional) To add caption boxes for each picture, select the Captions Below ALL
Pictures check box.
10. (Optional) To show the pictures in black and white, select the ALL Pictures
Black and White check box.
11. Click Create. PowerPoint creates the new presentation containing the photos and
the layout you specifi ed.
12. Save the photo album (File
Save) as a presentation.
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