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Modifying a Photo Album
FIGURE 11.30
Specify graphics to appear in the photo album, a page layout, and a style of
photo frame.
Modifying a Photo Album
You can reopen the dialog box from Figure 11.30 by clicking the down arrow beneath the
Photo Album button on the Insert tab and choosing Edit Photo Album.
You can also modify the slides in the presentation individually. These are just regular, edit-
able slides, and you can add anything to them that you like, including text boxes, clip art,
and so on. Think of it as an on-screen scrapbook! You can crop the photos inserted via the
photo album as well.
In this chapter, you learned how to insert and manage clip art and how to modify it in
PowerPoint. You learned about the technical specs for graphics that determine their fi le
size, quality, and fl exibility, and you learned how to insert them into your presentations.
You can format a photo and color, crop, and manipulate photos to create special effects.
In the next chapter, you’ll learn how to work with charts. You’ll fi nd out how to take
advantage of PowerPoint’s graphics-like capabilities for structuring and formatting numeric
data in chart format.
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