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Redefining the Data Range
improvement β€” or lack thereof β€” over time. Contrast this to Figure 12.6, where the series
data is the regions. Here, you can compare one region to another. The overriding message
here is about competition β€” which division performed the best in each quarter? It’s easy
to see how the same data can convey very different messages; make sure that you pick the
arrangement that tells the story that you want to tell in your presentation.
Redei ning the Data Range
After you have created your chart, you may decide that you need to use more or less data.
Perhaps you want to exclude a month or quarter of data or to add another region or sales-
person. To add or remove a data series, you can simply edit the datasheet. To do so, follow
these steps:
1. On the Chart Tools Design tab, click Edit Data. The Excel datasheet appears. A
blue outline appears around the range that is to be plotted, and other colors of
outlines appear around the ranges containing the labels. The colors of those ranges
vary depending on the chart type.
2. (Optional) To change the data range to be plotted, drag the bottom-right
corner of the blue outline. For example, in Figure 12.7, the West division is being
You can also enlarge the data range by expanding the blue outline. For example,
you could enter another series in column E in Figure 12.7 and then extend the
outline to encompass column E.
You can redei ne the range for the chart by dragging the blue outline on the
Drag the square in the
corner of the range to
change the range.
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