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Filtering the Chart Data
Specify what should happen when the data range contains blank or hidden cells.
5. When you are finished editing the settings for the data ranges, click OK to
close the Select Data Source dialog box.
6. (Optional) Close the Excel datasheet window, or leave it open for later
Filtering the Chart Data
New in PowerPoint 2013, you can use the Chart Filters feature to quickly exclude certain
rows or columns from the chart. When the chart is selected on the slide, a set of three
icons appears to its right: Chart Elements, Chart Styles, and Chart Filters. If you click Chart
Filters, a pop-up panel appears with check boxes for each of the series and categories, as
shown in Figure 12.10. Clear the check box for anything you don’t want to see on the chart,
and then click Apply. The Select Data hyperlink at the bottom of the panel opens the Select
Data Source dialog box, the same as in the previous section.
FIGURE 12.10
Turn off certain series or categories from this panel if desired.
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