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Chart Types and Chart Layout Presets
To change the setting for a particular element, choose Chart Tools Design
Add Chart Element to open a menu of elements. Then point at a particular ele-
ment to see a fl y-out menu with additional options on it. If none of the choices on the fl y-
out menu meet your needs, click More Options to open a task pane with a more extensive
set of options. The exact name of the More Options command varies depending on the chart
element; for example, for Chart Title, it is More Title Options. Figure 12.13 shows the fl y-out
menu for Chart Title.
FIGURE 12.13
Control individual chart elements from the Add Chart Element button’s menu.
When working with a chart element such as data labels that could potentially affect the whole chart, a single data
series, or a single data point, make sure you select the part of the chart you want to affect before issuing the com-
mand. For example, to apply data labels to all data points on the whole chart, select the outer frame of the chart
i rst, or to add them only to a specii c data series, select that data series i rst.
You can also quickly control chart elements with the Chart Elements button that appears
to the right of the chart when the chart is selected. Mark or clear the check boxes in the
Chart Elements panel to toggle a particular element on or off. For some elements, if you
hover the mouse pointer over the option in the panel, a right-pointing triangle appears to
its right. You can click that triangle for a submenu, as shown in Figure 12.14.
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