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PowerPoint offers unparalleled l exibility for presenting information to potential customers.
These are just some of the sales tools you can create with PowerPoint:
Live presentations in front of clients with the salesperson present and running the
show. This is the traditional kind of sales pitch that most people are familiar with.
Self-running presentations that fl ip through the slides at specifi ed intervals so that
passersby can read them or ignore them as they wish. These types of presentations
are great for grabbing people’s attention at trade show booths.
User-interactive product information demos distributed on CD/DVD that potential
customers can view at their leisure on their own PCs. This method is very inexpen-
sive because you can create a single presentation and distribute it by mail to mul-
tiple customers.
See Chapter 19, “Designing User-Interactive or Self-Running Presentations,” to learn about controlling
a live presentation. You create a self-running or user-interactive presentation in Chapter 20, “Preparing
a Presentation for Mass Distribution.”
The distinction between sales and marketing can be rather blurred at times, but marketing
generally refers to the positioning of a product in the media rather than its presentation
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