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Working with Legends
Click the Chart Elements button to the right of the chart, and in the Chart
Elements panel, clear the Legend check box.
To turn the legend back on, click the Chart Elements button again and mark the Legend
check box; this places the legend in the default position for that chart type. If you want to
choose a different legend location, click Chart Tools Design
Chart Layouts
Add Chart
Legend and select the position that you want for it, as shown in Figure 12.19.
FIGURE 12.19
You can select a legend position, or turn the legend off altogether, from the Legend
Hiding the legend is not a good idea if you have more than one series in your chart because the legend helps people
to distinguish which series is which. However, if you have only one series, a legend might not be useful.
To resize a legend box, you can drag one of its selection handles. The text and keys inside
the box do not change in size, although they may shift in position.
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