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Adding a Data Table
FIGURE 12.21
Control data label options from the Format Data Labels task pane.
5. To change the shape of the data label text box, right-click any of the data
labels in the series and choose Change Data Label Shapes, and then click the
desired shape. See Figure 12.22.
6. To change the fill of the data label text box, in the Format Data Labels task
pane, click Label Options, and then click the Fill & Line icon and expand the
Fill category to display the fill options. To make the data label text boxes trans-
parent, choose No Fill, or to apply some other fi ll color, select it as you would for
any text box or drawn shape. See Figure 12.23.
Adding a Data Table
Sometimes the chart tells the full story that you want to tell, but other times the audience
may benefi t from seeing the actual numbers on which you have built the chart. In these
cases, it is a good idea to include the data table with the chart. A data table contains the
same information that appears on the datasheet.
To display the data table with a chart, click Chart Tools Design
Chart Layouts
Chart Element
Data Table and choose to include a data table either with or without a leg-
end key. See Figure 12.24.
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