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Human Resources
to a particular company or individual. Marketing representatives are often called upon to
write advertising copy, generate camera-ready layouts for print advertisements, design
marketing fl yers and shelf displays, and produce other creative selling materials.
PowerPoint is not a drawing program per se, and it can’t substitute for one except in a crude
way. However, by combining the Offi ce 2013 clip art collection and drawing tools with
some well-chosen fonts and borders, a marketing person can come up with some very usable
designs in PowerPoint. Figure 1.2 shows an example. You learn about clip art in Chapter 11,
“Working with Clip Art and Photos.” You can also integrate video clips in PowerPoint presen-
tations that can tell the story of your product; see Chapter 15 for more information.
PowerPoint can generate camera-ready marketing materials, although it can’t substitute for
the tools that professional advertising companies use.
Human Resources
Human resources personnel often fi nd themselves giving presentations to new employees to
explain the policies and benefi ts of the company. A well-designed, attractive presentation
gives the new folks a positive impression of the company they have signed up with, start-
ing them off on the right foot.
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