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Setting a Number Format
6. (Optional) Choose a display unit from the Display Units drop-down list. This
option can help simplify large numbers. For example, if you set display units to
Thousands, then the number 1000 appears as 1 on the chart. If you then select
the Show Display Units Label on Chart check box, an axis label will appear as
7. (Optional) Expand the Tick Marks section below the axis options, and set tick-
mark types for major and minor marks (see Figure 12.30). These marks appear
as little lines on the axis to indicate the units. You can use tick marks either with
or without gridlines.
FIGURE 12.30
You can choose what tick marks to use, if any.
8. Close the task pane when finished.
Setting a Number Format
You can apply a number format to axes and data labels that show numeric data. This is
similar to the number format that is used for Excel cells; you can choose a category, such
as Currency or Percentage, and then fi ne-tune this format by choosing a number of decimal
places, a method of handling negative numbers, and so on.
To set a number format, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the axis containing the numbers you want to format, and choose
Format Axis.
2. In the Format Axis task pane that appears, click the Axis Options text at the
top, and then click the Axis Options icon.
3. Expand the Number section if it is not already expanded. (Collapse any previ-
ously open sections for easier reading.)
4. Choose a number format. You can select the number format in either of two ways:
Select the Linked to Source check box if you want the number format to be
taken from the number format that is applied to the datasheet in Excel. If you
use this method, you don’t have to complete the rest of the steps here.
Click the desired number format in the Category list. Options appear that are
specifi c to the format that you selected. For example, Figure 12.31 shows the
options for the Number type of format, which is a generic format.
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