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Formatting a Chart
For more extensive or uncommon formatting, use the task pane instead. You can open the
task pane for the selected chart element by right-clicking it and choosing Format Element
Name from the submenu, or by choosing Chart Tools Format
Current Selection
Sometimes it can be difi cult to position the mouse accurately to right-click on a particular chart element. If you have
trouble selecting the chart element you want to work with, open the drop-down list in the Current Selection group of
the Chart Tools Format tab and choose the desired chart element. Then to open its task pane, click Format Selection,
also in the Current Selection group.
The sections in the task pane vary, depending on the type of chart element you are
formatting. There are generally two main sections, indicated by words at the top of the
task pane. For example, in the Format Chart Title task pane, the two main sections are
Title Options and Text Options. Beneath these main section headings are a series of icons.
The icons are different depending on the main section that’s active. For example, in Figure
12.33, with Title Options selected, the three icons that appear are Fill & Line, Effects, and
Size & Properties. In Figure 12.34, with Text Options selected, the icons that appear are
Text Fill & Outline, Text Effects, and Textbox. This is an example of just one task pane;
each chart element type has its own unique combination of options in its task pane.
FIGURE 12.33
When Title Options is selected for a chart title, these are the icons available.
Fill & Line
Size & Properties
FIGURE 12.34
When Text Options is selected for a chart title, these are the icons available.
Text Fill & Outline
Text Effects
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