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Applying Chart Styles
Design tab, which appears when you select a chart. Point to a sample in the gallery to see
its style previewed on the chart.
FIGURE 12.35
You can apply a chart style using the Chart Styles gallery.
Click here to choose
color variants.
Chart Styles
Click here to open the full gallery.
If you used PowerPoint 2010, it might seem at fi rst glance that there are fewer chart styles
in PowerPoint 2013. However, this is an illusion because in PowerPoint 2010, the different
color variations were included in the Chart Style gallery as separate entities. By separating
the color choices from the style choices, PowerPoint 2013 actually provides more choices
and more fl exibility.
Each of the chart styles uses whatever colors are assigned to the placeholders in your cur-
rent color theme for the presentation. You can change the colors for the chart only, with-
out having to change the colors for the whole presentation, by clicking the Change Colors
button to the left of the Chart Styles gallery. However, the colors on the Change Colors
button’s menu are indirectly related to the color theme in use for the whole presentation;
they are various tints and shades of the theme colors, in various combinations. To change
colors completely, you must change the whole presentation’s colors, as you learned to do in
Chapter 4, “Working with Layouts, Themes, and Masters.”
You cannot add to the presets in the Chart Styles gallery, but you can save a group of settings as a template. To do
this, right-click the chart’s outer frame and choose Save as Template.
New in PowerPoint 2013, you can also apply chart styles via the Chart Styles icon that
appears to the right of the chart when it is selected on the slide. Click the Chart Styles
icon, as shown in Figure 12.36, and then click the desired style. You can click Color at the
top of the panel to select colors from there also, as you would from the Change Colors but-
ton on the Chart Tools Design tab.
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