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Formatting the Chart Area and Plot Area
FIGURE 12.36
Click the Chart Styles icon to the right of the chart to quickly apply a different style or color.
Chart Styles icon
Formatting the Chart Area and Plot Area
The chart area is the entire chart, everything within the big frame that contains the plot-
ted data and all the associated elements: the legend, the data series, the data table, the
titles, and so on. Right-click anywhere within the chart area (not on any specifi c element)
and choose Format Chart Area to open the Format Chart Area task pane.
The Format Chart Area task pane has many of the same sections the task pane for text
boxes has. Under Chart Options you’ll fi nd Fill & Line, Effects, and Size & Properties. Under
Text Options are Text Fill & Outline, Text Effects, and Textbox. Any settings you apply to
the chart area will apply to all the text and objects within the chart area unless a specifi c
chart element is formatted differently to override that.
The plot area is the part of the chart where the data is plotted. It includes the data series
and axes as well as any data labels, but it excludes the axis titles, the chart title, and the
legend. You can choose to format the plot area differently from the chart area if you like,
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