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Formatting the Legend
although it’s not common to do so. For example, you could apply a different background fi ll
color to the plot area, as in Figure 12.37. By default the plot area’s background is transpar-
ent, so the background of the chart area shows through. If, in turn, the chart area is also
transparent, then the background of the slide behind them both shows through.
FIGURE 12.37
The plot area has a different i ll color than the chart area in this example.
Chart area includes all elements.
Plot area
Formatting the Legend
When you use a multiseries chart, the value of the legend is obvious — it tells you which
colors represent which series. Without the legend, your audience will not know what the
various bars or lines mean. You can do all of the same formatting for a legend that you
can for other chart elements. Just right-click the legend, choose Format Legend from the
shortcut menu, and then use the Format Legend task pane to make your modifi cations.
For example, you could apply a background fi ll to the legend box, place a border around it,
and so on. You could also change the font and size used for the legend text from the Fonts
group on the Home tab.
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