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Formatting Gridlines and Walls
If you select one of the individual keys in the legend and change its color, the color on the data series in the chart
changes to match. This is especially useful with stacked charts, where it is sometimes difi cult to select the data
series that you want.
Formatting Gridlines and Walls
Gridlines help the reader’s eyes move across the chart. Gridlines are related to the axes,
which you learned about earlier in this chapter. Although both vertical and horizontal grid-
lines are available, most people use only horizontal ones. To turn gridlines on or off, click
Chart Tools Design
Chart Layouts
Add Chart Element
Gridlines. See Figure 12.38.
FIGURE 12.38
Turn gridlines on and off from the Add Chart Element button’s menu.
In most cases, the default gridlines that PowerPoint adds work well. However, you may
want to make the lines thicker or a different color. Apply those changes by selecting the
gridlines and then using the Chart Tools Format tab’s commands. You can select one of the
Shape Styles from there, or use the Shape Outline and/or Shape Effects drop-down lists to
apply formatting.
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