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Formatting the Data Series
To set a chart’s rotation, follow these steps:
1. Select the chart’s plot area. You can do this by clicking it, or by displaying the
Chart Tools Format tab and selecting Plot Area from the drop-down list in the
Current Selection group.
2. Display the Format Plot Area task pane. You can do this by right-clicking the plot
area and choosing Format Plot Area, or by clicking Chart Tools Format
Format Selection.
3. In the Format Plot Area task pane, click the Effects icon, and then expand the
3-D Rotation controls.
4. Mark or clear the Right Angle Axes check box as desired, depending on how
you want the chart to appear. If the feature is off, the whole plot area rotates,
including the axes; if the feature is on, only the data series rotate.
5. Click the increment buttons to increase or decrease the X Rotation, Y Rotation,
and/or Perspective settings as desired. You may need to experiment with these
to fi nd the settings that show your chart the way you want it. See Figure 12.41.
FIGURE 12.41
Set the 3-D Rotation options for the chart in its Format Plot Area task pane.
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