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Hotel and Restaurant Management
PowerPoint’s interactive controls even let you create quizzes that each student can take
on-screen to gauge their progress. Depending on the button the student clicks, you can set
up the quiz to display a “Yes, you are correct!“ or “Sorry, try again“ slide. See Figure 1.4.
For details about this procedure, see Chapter 19 and Lab 4 in the Project Labs section at the
end of the book.
Test the student’s knowledge with a user-interactive quiz in PowerPoint.
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Service organizations such as hotels and restaurants often need to inform their customers
of various facts but need to do so unobtrusively so that the information will not be obvious
except to those looking for it. For example, a convention center hotel might provide a list
of the meetings taking place in its meeting rooms, or a restaurant might show pictures of
the day’s specials on a video screen in the waiting area.
In such unattended situations, a self-running (kiosk) presentation works best. Typically
the computer box and keyboard are hidden from passersby, and the monitor displays the
You learn more about kiosk setups in Chapter 19.
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