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Copying Content from Other Programs
You can then open the destination and click the clip you want to paste. Or you can click
the down arrow next to a clip and choose Delete to delete it. See Figure 13.1.
Using the Ofi ce 2013 Clipboard task pane enables you to copy more than one clip to the
Click the arrow next to a
clip to display its menu.
You can fi ne-tune the way the Clipboard works in Offi ce 2013 applications by clicking the
Options button at the bottom of the Clipboard task pane. This opens a menu from which
you can specify when and how the Clipboard task pane appears. For example, you can set it
to show a Clipboard icon in the taskbar. See Figure 13.2.
As mentioned earlier, when you are copying and pasting some types of content, especially
graphical types, PowerPoint embeds the content by default rather than simply pasting it.
Embedding the content tends to increase the size of the PowerPoint presentation fi le, so
avoid doing it unless you think you will need that capability. (More on embedding later in
the chapter.) You can tell whether content has been embedded by double-clicking it. If it’s
embedded, its native application will open within PowerPoint (or in a separate window). If
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