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Copying Content from Other Programs
it’s not embedded, a PowerPoint dialog box will open for the content. To avoid embedding
content that PowerPoint wants to embed by default, follow these steps:
1. Copy the data to the Clipboard in its native application.
2. In PowerPoint, on the Home tab, open the Paste button’s menu and click Paste
3. Choose a different format for the paste, such as Bitmap. Do not choose the for-
mat that ends with the word Object or you will get an embedded copy.
4. Click OK.
Click Options to coni gure the Clipboard’s behavior.
Alternatively, you can use one of the icons at the bottom of the Paste Special menu to
quickly choose a specifi c type of paste operation. See Figure 13.3. For example, you can
choose to keep the source formatting, use the destination theme, paste as a picture, or
paste as plain text.
Use the buttons on the Paste Special menu to choose how a paste should occur.
Use Destination Styles
Keep Text Only
Keep Source
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