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Embedding a New File
you can create your object. Then, your work is saved within PowerPoint rather than as a
separate fi le. To embed a new fi le, follow these steps:
1. Open PowerPoint and display the slide on which you want to put the new
2. Choose Insert
Object. The Insert Object dialog box appears.
3. Click Create New. A list of available object types appears. See Figure 13.6.
Choose the object type you want to create. The object types listed come from the
OLE-compliant programs installed on your PC.
4. Click the object type you want and then click OK. The application opens.
5. Depending on the application, additional dialog boxes might appear. For exam-
ple, if you are creating a new graphic object, a box might appear asking you about
the size and color depth. Respond to any dialog boxes that appear for creating the
new object.
6. Create the object using the program’s controls. The program might be in a sepa-
rate window from PowerPoint, or it might be contained within the PowerPoint win-
dow as in Figure 13.7.
7. When you are finished, if the program was opened within PowerPoint, click
anywhere on the slide outside of that object’s frame. Or, if the application
was in a separate window, choose File
Exit and Return to Document . If you are
prompted to save the fi le, choose No.
If you are prompted to save the object in a i le and you choose Yes, the application creates a copy of the object that
exists outside of PowerPoint. The copy is not linked to or embedded in PowerPoint.
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