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Working with Linked and Embedded Objects
If you are asked whether you want to update the object in the PowerPoint docu-
ment before proceeding, you should choose Yes. This prompt occurs in many of the
applications that open in separate windows.
8. Resize and move the object on the slide as necessary.
Because you are creating a fi le that doesn’t have a name or saved location separate from
the PowerPoint presentation, there is no need to link it to anything. Embedding is the only
The embedded program’s controls appear, with PowerPoint in the background.
Working with Linked and Embedded Objects
Now that you have a linked or embedded object, what can you do with it? Many things. You
can edit an embedded object by double-clicking it, of course. And you can update, change,
and even break the links associated with a linked object. The following sections provide
some details.
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