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Clubs and Organizations
Clubs and Organizations
Many nonprofi t clubs and organizations, such as churches and youth centers, operate much
the same way as for-profi t businesses and need sales, marketing, and informational materi-
als. But clubs and organizations often have special needs too, such as the need to recognize
volunteers for a job well done. Microsoft provides a certifi cate template for PowerPoint
that’s ideal for this purpose. Figure 1.5 shows a certifi cate generated in PowerPoint.
Another popular use for PowerPoint is to project the lyrics of a song on a big screen for
sing-alongs at churches and meetings.
With PowerPoint, you can easily create certii cates and awards.
What’s New in PowerPoint 2013?
PowerPoint 2013 is very much like PowerPoint 2010 in its basic functionality. It uses a
tabbed Ribbon across the top, rather than a traditional menu system, and employs dialog
boxes and a Quick Access Toolbar in the same ways that 2010 did.
This doesn’t mean that there aren’t changes and improvements though! The following sec-
tions outline the major differences you will see when you upgrade from PowerPoint 2010 to
PowerPoint 2013.
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