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Changing How Links Update
Changing How Links Update
OLE links are automatically updated each time you open your PowerPoint fi le. However,
updating these links slows down fi le opening considerably, so if you open and close the
fi le frequently, you might want to set the link updating to Manual. That way, the links are
updated only when you issue a command to update them. To set a link to update manually,
follow these steps:
1. Open the PowerPoint presentation that contains the linked object(s). The pre-
sentation must have been previously saved.
2. Choose File
Info and then click the Edit Links to Files hyperlink in the
lower-right corner. The Links dialog box appears (see Figure 13.8).
You can change the update setting for the links in your presentation here.
3. Click the link that you want to change.
4. Uncheck the Automatic Update check box.
5. If you want to change any other links to manually update, repeat steps 3 and
4. You can also use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select more than one link at once.
6. If you want to update a link now, select it and click the Update Now button.
7. Click Close to close the Links dialog box. Backstage view still appears.
8. Choose Save to save the presentation changes (including the changes to the
link settings).
When you set a link to manually update, you have to open the Links dialog box and click
Update Now, as in step 6, each time you want to update it. Or, you can right-click the object
and choose Update Link from its shortcut menu.
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