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Inserting an Audio Clip as an Icon on a Slide
sound effects. You should also avoid sounds and other whimsical touches if you are deliver-
ing very serious news. You may also want to avoid sounds if you intend to present on a very
old and slow computer because any kind of media clip — whether sound or video — will
slow the system down even more, both when you load the presentation and when you pres-
ent it.
Now that you know how to make intelligent decisions about using sounds, let’s start using
them in your presentations.
Inserting an Audio Clip as an Icon on a Slide
The most elementary way to use an audio clip in a presentation is to place the clip directly
on a slide as an object. An icon appears on the slide, and you can click the icon during
the presentation to play the clip. This method works well if you want to play the sound at
exactly the right moment in the presentation.
You can also assign the sound to an existing object on the slide, as explained in the section “Assigning a Sound to an
Object” later in this chapter. When you do this, the object to which you attach the sound serves the same function as
an icon; you click the object to play the sound.
Inserting an Audio Clip from a File
You might already have the audio fi le you need on your own PC. If you do, the process of
inserting it is simple. Follow these steps to insert an audio clip from a fi le on your PC:
1. Click Insert
Audio on My PC. The Insert Audio dialog box opens.
2. Navigate to the drive and folder that contain the audio clip that you want.
If you have any audio clips, look in the Windows\Media folder on the hard disk
where Windows is installed for some small, simple sound effect fi les you can prac-
tice with. You can also use music clips from your music library.
3. Click the file that you want to use, as shown in Figure 14.1, and then click
Insert. A speaker icon appears on the slide, as shown in Figure 14.2. Playback con-
trols appear beneath it when it’s selected. You can test the clip by clicking the Play
button (the big right-pointing triangle).
To hide the icon, drag it off the edge of the slide. The sound still works, but the audience cannot see the icon. You can
also mark the Hide During Show check box on the Audio Tools Playback tab to prevent the icon from appearing.
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