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Placing a CD Soundtrack Icon on a Slide
5. Click OK. The command now appears on the Quick Access Toolbar (the row of but-
tons above the File and Home tabs).
Placing a CD Soundtrack Icon on a Slide
To play a CD track for a slide, you must place an icon for it on the slide. You can place a
range of tracks, such as multiple tracks from a CD, using a single icon. To do so, follow
these steps:
1. Insert the CD in your PC.
2. Click the Play CD Audio Track icon on the Quick Access Toolbar. (You learned
how to place it there in the previous section.) The Insert CD Audio dialog box
3. Specify the starting track number in the Start at Track text box in the Clip
selection section.
4. Specify the ending track number in the End at Track text box. If you want to
play only a single track, the Start at Track and End at Track numbers should be
the same. The start or end time changes only after you click one of the up or down
arrows next to the time. For example, if you want to play tracks 1, 2, and 3, you
should select track 1 as the start track and track 3 as the end track (as opposed to
track 4).
5. If you want to begin the starting track at a particular spot (other than the
beginning), enter this start time in the Time text box for that track. For exam-
ple, to start the track 50 seconds into the song, you would type 00:50 .
6. If you want to stop the ending track at a particular spot, enter this end time in
the Time text box for that track. By default, PowerPoint plays an entire track. You
can see the total playing time at the bottom of the dialog box.
7. (Optional) If desired, adjust the volume with the Sound Volume button. Click
the button and then drag its slider.
8. Click OK. The CD icon appears in the center of the slide. You can drag it off the
edge of the slide if it interferes with your slide content. You can also resize it if you
want, just as you can any other object.
9. Click the CD Audio Tools Options tab.
10. Open the Play Track list and choose Play Across Slides.
You can play any number of tracks from a single CD using a single icon as long as they are contiguous and you play
them in their default order. If you need noncontiguous tracks from the CD, or you want to play them in a different
order, or you just want certain segments of some of the clips, then you must place each clip individually on the slide
and then control their order in the Animation pane. See Chapter 16, “Creating Animation Effects and Transitions,” for
details. If you do not want the icons to appear on the slide, then drag them off the slide’s edge.
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