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Controlling When a CD Track Plays
The CD track is now an animated object on your slide. By animated , I mean that it is an
object that has some action associated with it.
Controlling When a CD Track Plays
You can set many of the same properties for a CD track on a slide that you can for a digital
audio fi le icon. You can also use the Animation controls to specify precisely when and how
a track will play. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Choose Animations
Animation Pane to turn on the
Animation Pane if it is not already displayed.
Advanced Animation
2. Select the CD icon on the slide. A gray box appears around its name in the Custom
Animation pane.
3. Open the drop-down menu for the selected clip and choose Effect Options. This
opens the Play CD Audio dialog box.
From this point, the options are exactly the same as those for regular sound fi les that you
will learn about in the next section, “Confi guring Sound Playback.” All of the same tabs are
available, including Effect, Timing, and Sound Settings.
Coni guring Sound Playback
Now let’s look at some ways to control when the sound plays. You can adjust some basic
settings on the Audio Tools Playback tab or fi ne-tune playback settings with the Animation
Adjusting Basic Playback Settings
Using the Audio Tools Playback tab, you can confi gure a variety of basic options that defi ne
how the sound clip will play. For example, you can set whether it plays automatically or
not, how loudly it will play in relation to the other sounds in the presentation, and whether
or not it should repeat continuously.
To confi gure the sound’s basic playback properties, do the following:
1. Click the audio clip icon to select it. Play controls appear beneath it and selection
handles appear around the icon.
2. On the Audio Tools Playback tab, open the Start drop-down list and choose an
option: On Click or Automatically. See Figure 14.7.
3. (Optional) Mark one or more of the check boxes in the Audio Options section of
the Ribbon:
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