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Fine-Tuning Playback Settings in the Animation Pane
You may remember the Action Settings dialog box from “Assigning a Sound to an Object” earlier in the
chapter. However, at that point we were looking at assigning a sound to an existing object to avoid hav-
ing a separate audio icon, whereas here the audio clip icon itself is the object.
As you can see in Figure 14.8, the selected sound clip will play when clicked. (Object Action
is set to Play on the Mouse Click tab.) On the Mouse Over tab, by default, no action is
An audio clip’s icon has Play set as its object action on the Mouse Click tab by default.
To set up a sound clip so that it plays when you roll the mouse over it (without clicking),
follow these steps:
1. Select the clip on the slide.
2. Choose Insert
Action. The Action Settings dialog box opens.
3. Click the Mouse Over tab.
4. Click the Object Action option button.
5. Open the Object Action drop-down list and choose Play.
6. Click OK.
Fine-Tuning Playback Settings in the Animation Pane
The Start setting for the clip (On Click or Automatically) that you select on the Audio Tools
Playback tab sets up an animation event for the sound clip. You can view and change this
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