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Controlling When a Clip Will Play
animation event from the Animation pane. You will learn a lot more about the Animation
pane in Chapter 16, but I’ll give you a quick rundown here on the parts that pertain specifi -
cally to audio clips.
To access an audio clip’s animation settings, choose Animations
Animation Pane. The Animation pane appears, and any audio or video clips
you have inserted on the active slide appear on the list there, along with any animations
you have set up (see Chapter 16). In Figure 14.9, there is only one animation: the one for
the Tin Man audio clip.
The inserted clip appears in the Animation pane.
Animation action
for audio clip
Audio clip
Online Audio command have names that may
be difi cult to remember and distinguish; for example, an audio clip might have a mostly numeric name like
MS900388197. You can rename a clip by choosing Home
Clips that you insert from Ofi using the Insert
Selection Pane, and in the
Selection task pane, clicking the clip, clicking it again (to rename), and typing a new name for it. That new name will
also be used in the Animation pane to refer to the clip.
Controlling When a Clip Will Play
On the Animations tab’s Start drop-down list (shown in Figure 14.7), you can choose from
three settings for a clip to play:
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