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Choosing the Starting and Ending Point for a Sound Clip
Click and Until End of Slide. You can also type in your own number of times to
repeat (up to 9999). See Figure 14.12.
FIGURE 14.12
You can use the Timing controls to delay the sound and to make it repeat.
6. Click OK.
Choosing the Starting and Ending Point for a Sound Clip
There might be times when you want to start the clip from some point other than the
beginning. For example, you may have a really good sound clip, except that the fi rst fi ve
seconds are garbled or it may contain content that you do not want to use, or you may want
to play just the fi rst 15 seconds of the clip.
PowerPoint supports two methods of controlling a clip’s starting point. The older method
involves using the Effect Options command and works in all presentations. The newer
method uses the Trim feature, which is available only in PowerPoint 2010 and higher. The
Trim feature allows you to set both a starting and an ending point for the clip; Effect
Options can only alter the starting point. I recommend that you use the Trim feature when-
ever possible, falling back to the older method only when working with older existing pre-
sentations that already use that feature.
Setting the Starting Point with Effect Options
The Effect Options method enables you to set a starting point for the clip that is a certain
number of seconds into it. It also enables you to specify whether the clip should start from
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